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The Get Up Kids, Steel Train, River City Extension

The Get Up Kids, Steel Train, River City Extension

Fri. 01/21 | 7:30PM @ Warehouse Live (map)

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The Get Up Kids are a Kansas City-based American rock band. They debuted in 1995, and in 1996 released their first single on the band's own label, Huey Proudhon Records. In 1997, Four Minute Mile, their debut full-length, was released and immediately garnered attention. They spent the following two years touring with bands such as The Promise Ring and Jimmy Eat World. In September of 1999, The Get Up Kids released Something To Write Home About. Their first for punk label Vagrant Records, the album marked a major step into bringing post-emo indie rock to the mainstream. 2001 saw the release of Eudora, a collection of covers and previously unreleased versions of songs. May 2002 marked the release of the long-awaited third album, On A Wire, which alienated some older fans but attracted many newcomers to The Get Up Kids' music. The evolution of their music continued in March 2004 with the release of their fourth and final album, Guilt Show, produced by Ed Rose. The Get Up Kids announced on Tuesday, March 8, 2005, via a heartfelt message on their website, that after ten years they were breaking up as a band. After announcing their breakup, The Get Up Kids went on a final fifteen stop tour, ending July 2, 2005 in their hometown, Kansas City, Missouri, at the Uptown Theatre. After the break up, guitar player and vocalist Matthew Pryor dedicated himself to his side project The New Amsterdams. A reunion show was officially announced on November 14th, 2008 along with the official confirmation of an album re-release and a 2009 national tour, including the 2009 Bamboozle and Groezrock festival. Steel Train Similar Artists: fun. | The Format | Limbeck | Good Old War | Jarrod Gorbel Steel Train is an indie rock band which formed in 1999 in New Jersey, United States. They consist of Jack Antonoff (vocals, guitar), Daniel Silbert (guitar), Evan Winiker (bass, vocals), Justin Huey (keyboards, vocals) and Jon Shiffman (drums) The band began when two friends, Jack Antonoff and Scott Irby-Ranniar, sharing a common love of music, began playing together. They busked in subways and alleyways in New York, and in 1999/2000 recorded a demo that garnered a large degree of record label interest. Despite the array of offers, the guys, now called Steel Train (after lyric in a Sublime song) eventually chose to sign with Drive Thru Records particularly drawn by the support but also artistic freedom the label offered. In 2002, the band recorded their debut ep entitled 'For You My Dear,' recruiting Evan Winiker (formerly of NJ emo band Random Task) and Matthias Gruber to help with recording and touring. The two later became full members of the band, first Winiker (who was presented as a full member in the promotional pieces for that same ep, released in January 2003) and later Gruber, who joined with second guitarist Matthew Goldman to complete the band and create Steel Train. Together the band went on to record the '1969' ep (a CD of cover versions of songs from that year that inspired the band and their sound), and their debut album 'Twilight Tales From The Prairies Of The Sun,' dropped a year later in 2005. In December of 2006 the band announced that they would be departing ways with Matthias Gruber (drums) and Matt Goldman (guitar) who chose to pursue other interests. The positions were filled by tour manager Daniel Silbert on guitar and Jon Shiffman on drums. In 2009, the band left the Drive Thru label and in June of 2010 independently released their eponymously-titled third LP. Included in that release was a companion album, 'Terrible Thrills: Vol. I', consisting of covers and re-imaginings of each 'Steel Train' track by female artists, including Scarlett Johansson, Tegan and Sara, Holly Miranda, Alia Shawkat, Amanda Palmer, and Jack's sister Rachel Antonoff. The band often polarizes opinions, mainly based around the fact that the style of rock they play is more 'classic' (Jack often jokes the band was "30 years too late"), yet people see them as very much a part of the emo/pop-punk scene (mainly due to their Drive Thru Records connections). They are well noted for their impressive live shows and 'jamming' ability. The lead singer, Jack, also used to date Scarlett Johansson and the song Better Love off of Twilight Tales from the Prairies of the Sun is about/makes reference to her [1] [2]. Though Better Love is a song strictly about her, he also references her in "2 O'clock'" and "Dig". "Josie smiles and laughs, while me and Scarlett will smoke our hash." [3]and "oh, my scarlet you had a real friend in me."Lyrics [edit] Current Members * Jack Antonoff - Vocals, Guitar, Piano * Evan Winiker - Bass, Backing Vocals * Daniel Silbert - Guitar, Backing Vocals * John Shiffman - Drums, Percussion * Justin Huey - Keys [edit] Past Members * Matthias Gruber - Drums, Percussion * Matthew Goldman - Guitar, Backing Vocals * Scott Irby-Ranniar - Vocals, Percussion [edit] User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may also be available under the GNU FDL. River City Extension Similar Artists: Brick & Mortar | Wood Goold | birne helene | Steel Train | Falcao and Monashee Music is an art form that is meant to speak to us beyond the literal. After spending years perfecting his craft, Singer/songwriter, Joseph Michelini decided to take his music to the next plane. Cutting his teeth in coffee houses in Toms River, NJ, Joseph began to introduce different elements, from acoustic bass, to banjo and cello. At that point, River City Extension was born; having the intention of writing orchestral indie rock, while introducing elements of Punk, Country, Folk, and World music. River City Extension found itself going from a 3 piece acoustic act, and developing into a full 8-piece band. The band perfected a staggering and impressive live show, filled with high energy and angst. Finding themselves without a label they went into the studio and recorded their first D.I.Y. EP, Nautical Sabbatical in 2008. The band literally put the CDs together by hand prior to each show. After finalizing their outfit, River City Extension hit the road, establishing a strong following in the Northeast region, making lasting impressions on audiences and promoters alike. The band created an organic element gradually developing them from a small local phenomenon, into a budding national act landing a slot on ARTSCAPE in Baltimore, MD directly supported Cake and Robert Randolph performing in front of 14,000 people as well as opening regionally for such acts as Squeeze and Nicole Atkins. In late 2009 River City Extension hit the studio to record their first LP named The Unmistakable Man . The band along with Eric Sanderson of the Brooklyn based band Pela, spent the next few months working in the studio perfecting each song. The plan was to release an album that would allow the listener to experience a story from start to finish, whatever their interpretation would be. The Unmistakable Man delivers immense and precise orchestration, and is reflective of their energetic live show, this music will stand the test of time. In early 2010 the band inked a deal with XOXO Records (Home to The Gaslight Anthem, Let Me Run, This Charming Man etc...). The bands new album has already started to get recognition, most recently appearing of the cover and featured in the East Coast Rocker. With the support of their label, friends and family, River City Extension plans to tour diligently across the US and UK.

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